1996–1997: "my skin & my environment"

a kind of diary about my skin and myself, that i exposed once a day to the weather. i took a picture of the vieuw of my appartement in brussels, measured the temperature, the humidity and wrote all that information down. after that i undressed myself and went naked on the rooftop, where i took macro-pictures of my shin. i started this project in november 1996 and did it till the end of may 1997. from this study i created my "trailer"(june 1997), which was going to be my perfect environment in which my skin/myself would feel the most comfortable. i was going to be wraped in all my favorite stuff, my favorite clothes/perfume/fabrics/weather,etc... it became my "chanel-trailer". chanel incorporated at that time everything i ever dreamed of.

in march 1999 i started another project that was going to be a kind of "self-portrait" diary. i decided to take a picture every week in a photo-booth (photo-vision) and this for the rest of my life. together with the picture i wrote down where it was taken, as well as the date and the way i felt at that moment. the project "la photo-sculpture" was published as a book by "Editions de la Grippelotte",september 2002. i´m still working on that project.


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